Jianpu (numbered musical notation)

Jianpu or numbered musical notation

Jianpu or numbered musical notation is a Chinese music notation system based on numbers, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numbered_musical_notation

German wikipedia leads to the term: Chinese digits notation; French wikipedia: Jianpu; wikipedia espanol Guqin; wikipedia italiano: jiangsu; wikipedia portugues: jiang; etc.

Musical Notation Software

With our partner Arpegemusic, we have developed a software to write Jianpu musical-notation, http://www.arpegemusic.com/alternative-music-notation.htm, details http://www.arpegemusic.com/manual36/EN284.htm.

You can download a testversion.

The program was originally developed for conventional music notation. Thereafter supplements for alternative notations that are based on numbers have been added. If a notation is present, you can create and edit the other notations on mouse click.

2 thoughts on “Jianpu (numbered musical notation)

  1. No, you cant load a demo version of ‘Alternation Notation’ from the Pizzcato/arpega website. What it will do is download ‘Pizzicato Light’ but not with a test version of Jianpu, HMN in it.

    I have emailed their ‘Support’ twice now-but not response.

    So if you want to offer me a demo version, and it works/or even exists at all, I am happy to buy it from you direct.

    Will you let me know.

    Many Thanks.

    • I will get in contact with Arpege and ask Dominique to fix the Problem.
      I Do not sell the program myself. It is only available from Arpege.
      Thanks for Your interest.

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