Hamburg Music Notation

Hamburg Music Notation is an Alternative Notation based on numbers. We started this blog to inform you about this notation system, discuss new developments and stimulate interest in the software that we developed as Partner of Arpege Music. http://www.arpegemusic.com/alternative-music-notation.htm. Please feel free to comment and to ask questions. Our booklet “Numbers are Music” by Robert Elisabeth Key published with kindle contains more detailed information on this subject.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Your site is very interesting. I thought by myself before, there must be better ways to write down music, and here I found an example for this. You use numbers 1,2,3…A,B,0. Is it difficult to learn and think in a dozenal system of numbers?

    • It is not difficult to learn but to get the knowledge to a subconscious level takes a lot of practice.
      Most of us are only familiar with decimal counting.

  2. How can I get help in the internet with the dozenal system? Is there a community for dozenal counting?

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