Today I finished the concluding remarks of the book:


Hamburg Music notation (HMN) is a Cipher Notation for well-tempered western music based on twelve single digits. Any base twelve dozenal counting system enables its user to apply basic arithmetic rules to western music. Of special importance is the use of zero as divider of groups in the base twelve position. HMN-Jianpu is the alternative graphic solution (notation) advocated to express western music. It follows the principles of Numbered Musical Notation (Jianpu) with few modifications.

The author claims that HMN-Jianpu is easy to learn, to read and to write. Solomisation syllables can be replaced by singing one syllable numbers. It is possible to sing one syllable dozenal numbers in several languages. However – to learn dozenal counting in perfection up to a level of subconscious use may require considerable training. Anybody achieving this level will be rewarded by easy transposition and recognition of harmonic structures of western music.

Rhythm may be another field that could benefit from the application of base twelve counting.



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